Zoning Ignored,

Buffer Destroyed!

Many of you are aware of our current battle against incompatible development within our neighborhood. We were blind-sided by the hasty permitting of student dormitory quadruplexes along South Gadsden Street. Four were permitted before we found out anything was happening. The developer is seeking permits for thirteen more. We believe that these are not single-family residences, therefore incompatible development in a residential preservation zone. We believe that this represents de-facto re-zoning of the land without following procedures for re-zoning, without neighborhood notification, or a chance to provide our opinion.


We need your help!

On Monday, Feb. 21st, from 4:30 until 6:00pm Myers Park Neighborhood Association will be holding an Emergency Membership Meeting and Drive at the picnic tables overlooking the Wade Wehunt Pool. Board members will be there to answer your questions, update the information, and sign-up new members. We are asking current and new members for $15.00 yearly dues. Donations to our legal fund will also be accepted.

We need your help to continue our fight for the Neighborhood!!

Please come, or contact Laura Marshall Olmstead at 224-8330 to get involved!