Historic Instructions for
the Belding & Mull
Visible Powder Measure

These instructions, though undated, are thought to come from approximately the World War II period.  They accompanied a Belding & Mull Visible Powder Measure which has an aluminum hopper and cap but otherwise appears to be identical in materials and construction to those having brass hoppers and covers.  Presumably this substitution was due to wartime restraints on availability of materials.

What you see is what you get.  No warranties are implied or expressed.  There may have been flaws in printing of the instructions plus 50 or more years of wear and tear have taken their toll.  Portions of the instructions are not clearly visible.  Read and use these instructions, especially the "slide settings" table, with the caution that their physical condition merits, not to mention that the powders listed in the instructions may now vary from their characteristics as measured half a century or so ago.  The instructions are presented here for historical purposes, not as a guide for practical application.

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