Proposed Roof Repair - 1526 South Gadsden Street

International Style single family residence constructed in 1947
Owners: Richard E. & Linda L. White

The view of the house from South Gadsden Street (none).

Well... actually... if you stand exactly at the top of the driveway you can see the house.  
Note:  The rooftop is about 3 feet above street level in absolute terms, but it is below
 the line of sight of  anyone seated in an automobile or standing on South Gadsden Street.

The northeast corner of the house as seen from the east.  Note the cantilevered roof overhang.

North elevation: The rot over the A/C is due to incorrect installation of drip edge.

The fascia & soffit, seen from the north center.

The northwest corner soffit & fascia seen from the west.  
The fascia near the center of the photo is patched by a 1x4" PT board nailed over squirrel damage.

The center section of soffit on the west side, seen from the west, shows rot along the outer board.

The southwest corner section of fascia & soffit show rot and 1x4" PT boards nailed over squirrel damage.

This is the southwest corner seen from the south.  The drip edge is lapped wrong here too.  This corner
 is slightly lower than the rest of the west edge of the roof and water flows from it in greater quantity
and longer here than the rest of the west side.

This is a view of the rooftop from near the south center facing towards the northwest.
The green square near the bottom of the photo is a piece of plywood pressed in plastic
 roofing cement which covers  a hole punched through the roof by a falling limb.  
The black area further away is a patch consisting of multiple layers of roofing felt and
plastic roofing cement over another hole punched by a falling limb.  I dunno where
those  damn  chicken coops next door came from... the Heart of Darkness, I would
 suppose.    Over them you can see the Turlington Building (in the tree tops), and
the Capitol... behind the trees... is visible in Winter.

This is a view taken approximately straight up over the damaged area of the roof.

Richard White
11 September 2002